Blind Volleyball Tournament at Park Place Sports Bar in Saint Paul Park October 22nd starting at 1:00pm.



Hello Volleyball players! What a great and amazing summer we had, and we hope you had just as much fun as we had! We are going to end the volleyball season with a bang, and we will be hosting one more blind volleyball tournament. If you have missed out on the previous tournaments, you will want to get in on this one. We will do a minimum of 8 teams and a max of 12 teams. Cost is $60.00 per team. If you are one of the first 4 teams to pay via VENMO, and we do make it to 12 teams, your team will get a bye in the first round.  Rules will remain the same as previous, but they are listed below.  Any questions, please contact Scott Swanson at 651-226-8814 or email at


Scott will be our referee and coordinator. We are going to start a little later than usual and should be done right around 6pm. The Gophers football game starts at 6:30pm against Penn ST and should be playing for first place in the Big 10 West. This will be a great day. Sponsors will be secured for the event, and we will do some door prizes and drawings throughout the afternoon. We will have the brackets sent out as soon as we have 12 teams register.  Registration will close Thursday October 20th, unless we have all teams secured before then. If you want to sign up at the bar in person and pay cash, that is ok, but you must text Scott to confirm as soon as you pay. #651-226-8814

Check in will be noon (Breakfast is served until noon!)

First match at 1pm


  • Max of 3 guys playing at one time
  • No guy gal hitting rules
  • No overhand serves
  • No jump spiking (inside 10’ line)
  • No blocking
  • All overhand hits inside the 10’ line, the player must have contact with sand.

All games will have a referee. All games will be rally scoring to 25. Must win by 2. 

Payouts are going to be as follows:

1st $240

2nd $150

3rd $90

4th $20 Gift Card for Park Place

Payouts are based on 8 teams.  If we get more than 8 teams, payouts will increase.  We will have 100% payout as we always do.


Call, text or email me with any questions. Scott Swanson 651-226-8814